This paper discusses a prototype of horizontally opposed-piston folded-cranktrain two-stroke diesel engine with combined supercharger and high-pressure common rail fuel system by Beijing Institute of Technology. The cranktrain dynamics, the thermodynamics (include the combustion process and the scavenging) are investigated, which is the main difference between this type of engine and conventional engines. The aim of the work is to design and develop a prototype of opposed-piston folded-cranktrain engine. The investigated results showed that maximum speeds of two pistons are all 13.99m/s, while the mean velocity is 9.4 m/s; the maximum acceleration on negative side is 3765 m/s2 when the piston is near the BDC and the maximum acceleration on positive side is 2944 m/s2 when the pistons is near the TDC; scavenging efficiency can get to 89% and the final air utilization is 55%.

The prototype of opposed-piston folded-cranktrain engine has been developed.

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