This paper presents the main features of the new ABB TPL65 turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG) and highlights potential improvements in engine performance and emissions as demonstrated by measurements on a medium-speed 4-stroke diesel engine at different operational points on the propeller curve and different nozzle vane positions. Calibrated engine simulation computer models have been used to compare engine behaviour, firstly with and without the VTG-turbocharger, and secondly with alternative turbocharging systems. Test results and simulations show that ABB turbochargers with VTG enable: • Fuel economy; • A strong reduction in soot emissions; • Elimination of the thermal load problem during propeller part load operation while keeping the NOx emissions within the limits defined by the IMO regulations for medium-speed diesel engines. The results of various engine computer simulations show: • Lower fuel consumption and lower engine thermal load; • Reduced derate at high ambient temperatures; • Good engine acceleration with potentially smokeless transient engine operation.

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