The effect of non-uniform inlet velocity and temperature profile on the aerodynamic performance of straight wall annular diffuser for turbofan augmentor has been investigated.

The distribution of static pressure, stagnation pressure and temperature has been measured, thus pressure recovery coefficient, velocity profile and temperature profile at different axial station along the diffuser center line can be determined.

The experimental results showed that the momentum ratio ρ¯eV¯e2/ρ¯iV¯i2 of two streams across the diffuser inlet flow splitter is the non-dimensional flow parameter controlling diffuser aerodynamic performance. Thus, it is possible to simulate turbofan augmentor annular diffuser perfomance by using low temperature air flow aerodynamic test under the condition that the diffusers are of similar geometry, have the same inlet velocity profile and maintain the momentum ratio constant.

A correlation for the velocity distribution in the diffuser was also obtained.

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