Westinghouse Electric Corporation, under contract to the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has been conducting hot gas cleanup system testing compatible with a pressurized fluidized bed gasifier and the operation of a gas turbine. The testing is in support of the US Department of Energy’s Binmass Power Program, and specifically, the Biomass Gasification Facility Demonstration in Paia, Hawaii.

The hot gas cleanup testing was conducted at the Institute of Gas Technology’s research facilities in Chicago, Illinois, using the RENUGAS® 9.1 metric ton (10 ton) per day process development unit. The initial testing began in September 1994 and concluded February 1995. Based on the results of this testing, the hot gas cleanup system’s operation is being optimized for longer duration testing to be conducted at the Biomass Gasification Facility in Hawaii.

Initial test results show that hot gas filtration of bagasse flyash/char, as well as tar and oils reduction, at gasifier operating conditions can be successfully accomplished. The results of these initial tests are summarized in this paper.

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