This study is concerned with the repowering of existing steam power plants (SPP) by gas turbine (GT) units. The energy integration between SPP and GT is analyzed taking into particular account the employment of simple and complex cycle gas turbines. With regard to this, three different gas turbine has been considered: simple Brayton cycle, regenerative cycle and reheat cycle. Each of these cycles has been considered for feed water repowering of three different existing steam power plants. Moreover, the energy integration between the above plants has been analyzed taking into account three different assumptions for the SPP off-design conditions. In particular it has been established to keep the nominal value for steam turbine power output or for steam flow-rate at the steam turbine inlet or, finally, for steam flow-rate in the condenser.

The numerical analysis has been carried out by the employment of numerical models regarding SPP and GT, developed by the authors. These models have been here properly connected to evaluate the performance of the repowered plants.

The results of the investigation have revealed the interest of considering the use of complex cycle gas turbines, especially reheat cycles, for the feed water repowering of steam power plants. It should be taken into account that these energy advantages are determined by a repowering solution, i.e. feed water repowering which, although it is attractive for its simplicity, do not generally allows, with Brayton cycle, a better exploitation of the energy system integration in comparison with other repowering solutions. Besides these energy considerations, an analysis on the effects induced by repowering in the working parameters of existing components is also explained.

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