The decade of the ’80s was ushered in with a new dimension for designers, the availability of, and the meteoric cost increases of key materials. Though cost consciousness has always been a materials selection factor, current rates of increase make selection decisions more critical. Shortages of key metals such as cobalt, titanium, tantalum, molybdenum, and columbium, as well as potential problems with chromium and aluminum force the designer to carefully weigh his decisions. Questions of basic raw materials availability, metal conversion capacity, and the increasing influence of raw materials cost upon product cost must be considered. Vehicular gas turbine engine designers must evaluate materials selection decisions based upon these factors, and accompanying manufacturing processes to minimize input material requirements., Achieving high performance, with the required durability, at an acceptance cost is a bigger challenge than ever. This paper provides a view of the critical material situation and outlook, and typical options that are available.

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