Studies sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) have indicated that the combined cycle, incorporating an open cycle gas turbine having a Low Btu gas (LBG) fueled combustor operating at temperatures over 2600 F and a closed cycle steam turbine can produce cost competitive electric power from gasified coal. For increased efficiency, the coal gasification system would be integrated with the gas turbine which supplies the compressed air for the coal gasification system, and the steam turbine which supplies the steam for the gasification system. The coal gasifier would provide a pressurized low heating value (LBG) fuel (at the order of ISO Btu/SCF (5590 kJ/m3) for combustion in the gas turbine engine. Under DOE sponsorship, one of the gas turbine engine components being investigated both analytically and experimentally, is the LBG fueled combustor. This paper describes the LBG configuration background technology utilized in the design of the combustor and the test program outline for substantiation of the design approach.

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