Optical measurements based on fast response Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) provide enhanced spatial resolution of the pressure field. This paper presents laser lifetime PSP at 20 kHz, with precise calibrations, and results from a demonstration in an annular vane cascade. The laser lifetime PSP methodology is first evaluated in a linear wind tunnel with a converging-diverging nozzle followed by a wavy surface. This test section is fully optically accessible with maximum modularity. A data reduction procedure is proposed for the PSP calibration, and optimal pixel binning is selected to reduce the uncertainty. In the annular test section, laser lifetime PSP was used to measure the time-averaged static pressure field on a section of the suction surface of a high-pressure turbine vane. Tests were performed at engine representative conditions in the Purdue Big Rig for Annular Stationary Turbine Analysis module at the Purdue Experimental Turbine Aerothermal Lab. The 2-D pressure results showed a gradual increase of pressure in the spanwise and flow directions, corroborated with local static pressure taps and computational results. The variation in PSP thickness was measured as a contribution to the uncertainty. The discrete Fourier transform of the unsteady pressure signal showed increased frequency content in wind-on conditions compared to wind-off conditions at the mid-span and 30% span. Compared to the mid-span region, the hub end wall region had an increase in frequencies and pressure amplitude. This result was anticipated given the expected presence of secondary flow structures in the near hub region.

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