Wall temperature measurements with fiber coupled online phosphor thermometry were, for the first time, successfully performed in a full scale H-class Siemens gas turbine combustor. Online wall temperatures were obtained during high-pressure combustion tests up to 8 bar at the Siemens CEC test facility. Since optical access to the combustion chamber with fibers being able to provide high laser energies is extremely challenging, we developed a custom-built measurement system, consisting of a water-cooled fiber optic probe and a mobile measurement container. A suitable combination of chemical binder and thermographic phosphor was identified for temperatures up to 1800 K on combustor walls coated with a thermal barrier coating (TBC). To our knowledge these are the first measurements reported with fiber coupled online phosphor thermometry in a full scale high-pressure gas turbine combustor. Details of the setup and the measurement procedures will be presented. The measured signals were influenced by strong background emissions, probably from CO2* chemiluminescence. Strategies for correcting background-emissions and data evaluation procedures are discussed. The presented measurement technique enables detailed study of combustor wall temperatures and using this information an optimization of the gas turbine cooling design.

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