Semiconductor nano&micro membranes (NMMs) are gaining acceptance in the semiconductor industry as the benefits they provide become key enablers in scaling and performance enhancements of electronic devices. These tailored-modulus conformal NMM sensor skins with integrated interconnect elements and electronic devices can be applied to new or existing wind tunnel models for full spectrum pressure monitoring. The material is resistant to normal fluids and solvents, can potentially operate over a wide temperature range, and is capable of withstanding erosion. Experimental data presented in this paper demonstrates that: 1) silicon NMMs may be used as single pressure sensor transducers and elements in sensor arrays, and 2) the arrays may be instrumented to map pressure over the surfaces of test articles over a range of Reynolds numbers, temperature and other environmental conditions. Of most importance, we have 1) shown that the small-feature-size sensor elements are highly sensitive to pressure (frequency response from DC up to 5MHz), 2) developed several types of sensor packages for the demonstration of pressure sensing with a miniature probe tip, and 3) confirmed operation in wind tunnel and shock tube tests over 100 times up to Mach 4.2 on several test articles.

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