Blades with a friction damper have been used in a steam turbine and a gas turbine to improve the blade reliability. In particular, for a gas turbine blade of the upstream stage, under-platform dampers have been widely used, where the damper pieces with various geometries are inserted into the platforms of the adjacent blades. The damper piece is designed so that its surface contacts the platform surface uniformly. However, the contact conditions of the damper piece (in other words, the equivalent stiffness and the damping caused by the damper piece) may change appreciably blade by blade because of the likes of manufacturing tolerance, blade deformation in operation, and wear of the damper piece. Therefore, it is essential to consider the mistuning effect caused by the variation of the contact condition of the damper piece in evaluating the vibration response of the bladed disk with the under-platform damper. In this study, a mistuned bladed disk with under-platform dampers is represented by the equivalent spring-mass model. Frequency response analysis and random response analysis are carried out using the direct method and Monte Carlo simulation. Carrying out an extensive parametric study, the effect of the variation of the contact condition caused by the damper piece on the vibration response of the bladed disk is clarified.

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