In conjunction with the SunShot program to develop a supercritical CO2 turbine expander, an air dynamometer was developed to absorb the power of the SCO2 turbine during development testing. The dynamometer is unique in that it is directly mounted to the shaft of the turbine expander replacing the associated compressor coupling during the test campaign. It is able to replicate both the load of the compressor as well as the rotordynamic qualities of the compressor coupling all without the need for additional bearings, casing, or larger skid. The dynamometer consists of a single-stage centrifugal air compressor ingesting ambient air. To maximize turn-down and minimize weight, the impeller diameter and flow coefficient were optimized along with the design of the loop throttle valves. The detailed aerodynamic, rotordynamic, and mechanical design for the dynamometer is presented. The aerodynamic methodology to minimize unsteady forces transmitted to the turbine will also be reviewed.

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