This paper proposes a multi-input chemical looping hydrogen generation system (MCLH), which generates hydrogen, through the use of natural gas and coal. In this system, a new type of oven, burning coal instead of natural gas as heating resource for hydrogen production reaction, is adopted. Coal can be converted to hydrogen indirectly without gasification. Benefits from the chemical looping process, the CO2 can be captured without energy penalty. With the same inputs of fuel, the new system can product about 16% more hydrogen than that of individual systems. As a result, the energy consumption of the hydrogen production is about 165J/mol-H2. Based on the exergy analyses, it is disclosed that the integration of synthetic utilization of natural gas and coal plays a significant role in reducing the exergy destruction of the MCLH system. The promising results obtained may lead to a clean coal technology that will utilize natural gas and coal more efficiently and economically.

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