The application of bio-fuels in automotive, power generation and heating applications is constantly increasing. However, the use of straight vegetable oil (pure or blended with diesel) to feed a gas turbine for electric power generation still requires experimental effort, due to the very high viscosity of straight vegetable oils.

In this paper, the behavior of a Solar T-62T-32 micro gas turbine fed by vegetable oils is investigated experimentally. The vegetable oils are supplied to the micro gas turbine as blends of diesel and straight vegetable oils in different concentrations, up to pure vegetable oil.

This paper describes the test rig used for the experimental activity and reports some experimental results, which highlight the effects of the different fuels on micro gas turbine performance and pollutant emissions. Moreover, an identification model is set up to predict the behavior of the considered gas turbine, when fuelled by vegetable oil, and the sensitivity of micro gas turbine thermodynamic measurements and emissions is quantitatively established.

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