An experimental and numerical investigation was conducted to determine the film cooling effectiveness of a normal slot and angled slot under realistic engine Mach number conditions. Freestream Mach numbers of 0.65 and 1.3 were tested. For the normal slot, hot gas ingestion into the slot was observed at low blowing ratios (M < 0.25). At high blowing ratios (M > 0.6) the cooling film was observed to “lift off” from the surface. For the 30° angled slot, the data was found to collapse using the blowing ratio as a scaling parameter. Results from the current experiment were compared with the subsonic data previously published. For the angle slot, at supersonic freestream Mach number, the current experiment shows that at the same x/Ms, the film-cooling effectiveness increases by as much as 25% as compared to the subsonic case. The results of the experiment also show that at the same x/Ms, the film cooling effectiveness of the angle slot is considerably higher than the normal slot, at both subsonic and supersonic Mach numbers. The flow physics for the slot tests considered here are also described with computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations in the subsonic and supersonic regimes.

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