This paper describes some generic solid oxide and molten carbonate hybrid fuel cell gas turbine systems and dynamic modeling tools that are being developed to simulate the performance of these and other hybrid fuel cell systems. The generic hybrid systems are presented to introduce issues and technical development challenges that hybrid fuel cell gas turbine systems must address and to provide a platform for the development of the dynamic modeling tools. The present goals are to develop dynamic models for the basic components of solid oxide and molten carbonate fuel cell gas turbine hybrids, ensure their reliability, and obtain a basic understanding of their performance prior to integration into a complete hybrid system model. Preliminary results for molten carbonate and solid oxide fuel cell types are presented. These results provide understanding of some of the operational characteristics of fuel cells, and indicate the complexity of the dynamic response of fuel cell hybrid components. For the fuel cell models, generic planar designs are analyzed showing voltage and current behavior following step changes in load resistance and steady state performance curves. The results provide confidence in each of the model’s reliability, enabling them to be integrated for hybrid system simulation. Results from the integrated simulations will provide guidance on future hybrid technology development needs.

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