Ordered mesoporous carbon (OMC) has been prepared by impregnating the pores of the silica template (SBA-15) with liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or sucrose. The desired support (OMC) was obtained after dissolution with NaOH. Platinum nanoparticles were dispersed on ordered mesoporous carbons using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) method and Pt(acac)2 as metal source. The resulting ordered mesoporous carbon possess a large surface area with high microporosity, and a controlled pore size distribution, High-quality carbon replicas of SBA-15 show an X-ray diffraction peak at low angle, which indicates that the structural periodicity of the (111) planes has been maintained. Their pore volume and specific surface area are high and the pore volume is almost entirely microporous. The synthesized Pt/OMC was characterized by powder X-Ray diffraction, HR-TEM, HR-SEM, EDS, thermogravimetric analysis, and nitrogen adsorption. The performance of Pt catalyst supported OMC was evaluated by electrochemical studies, which shows almost similar activity to the commercial catalyst.

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