On-board storage and handling of hydrogen continues to be a major challenge on the road to the widespread commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. QUANTUM Fuel Systems Technologies WorldWide, Inc. (QUANTUM) is developing a number of advanced technologies in response to the demand by its customers for compact, lightweight, safe, robust, and cost-effective hydrogen fuel systems. QUANTUM approaches hydrogen storage and handling as an engineered system integrated into the design of the vehicle. These engineered systems comprise advanced storage, regulation, metering, and electronic controls developed by QUANTUM. In 2001, QUANTUM validated, commercialized, and began production of lightweight compressed hydrogen storage systems. The first commercial products include storage technologies that achieved 7.5 to 8.5 percent hydrogen storage by weight at 350 bar (5,000 psi). QUANTUM has also received German TUV regulatory approval for its 700 bar (10,000-psi) TriShield10™ hydrogen storage cylinder, based on hydrogen standards developed by the European Integrated Hydrogen Project (EIHP). QUANTUM has patented an In-Tank Regulator for use with hydrogen and CNG, which have applications in both fuel cell and alternative fuel vehicle markets. To supplement the inherent safety features designed into the new 700 bar storage tank, QUANTUM’s patented 700 bar In-Tank Regulator provides additional safety by confining the high pressure in the tank and allowing only a maximum delivery pressure of 10 bar (150-psi) outside the storage system. This paper describes initial applications for these hydrogen fuel systems, which have included fuel cell automobiles, buses, and hydrogen refueling stations.

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