A vapor compression cycle (VCC) powered by the diesel generator is typically used in space cooling for the shipboard application. This system consumes large amounts of electricity. In an effort to reduce fuel consumption for cooling, two solar powered hybrid cooling system options are proposed. The first one is to use VCC with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and the second one is to use absorption cycle (ABC) with evacuated thermal collectors (ETC). Control strategies have been set up for all three scenarios to provide space cooling for guest rooms on a cruise ship. In addition, for the PV powered VCC case, the optimum battery storage system size was investigated. It was found that the optimized PV system could reduce yearly fuel consumption and life time greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by 98% and 93%, respectively. The ETC powered ABC system would reduce the fuel consumption and GHG emission by 78% and 75%, respectively. The cost analysis indicates that the ETC system has lowest life time cost, which is 28% of the baseline scenario and 23% of the PV system.

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