Improvement of the safety and reliability of the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery operation is one of the key tasks for advanced Battery Management Systems (BMSs). It is critical for BMSs to be able to diagnose battery electrochemical faults that can potentially lead to catastrophic failures. In this paper, an observer-based fault diagnosis scheme is presented that can detect, isolate and estimate some internal electrochemical faults. The scheme uses a reduced-order electrochemical-thermal model for a Li-ion battery cell. The paper first presents a modeling framework where the electrochemical faults are modeled as parametric faults. Then, multiple sliding mode observers are incorporated in the diagnostic scheme. The design and selection of the observer gains as well as the convergence of the observers are verified theoretically via Lyapunov’s direct method. Finally, the performance of the observer-based diagnostic scheme is illustrated via simulation studies.

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